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Find the details on what the contest is all about, how to enter, and what the winner receives!

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NEW Logo Design Contest

What is the purpose of the contest?

From Now Until March 16th!

Great question! We have been looking for ways to include more local artists here at Idahope and we thought, what better way than to host a contest for a new logo design for the Boise Bicycle Project! As you may know, Idahope works with several amazing Partners-In-Hope where we donate 10% of proceeds to in each collection we have. 

The new logo design will go on all products within the Idahope Collection that directly supports the BBP. (See below for more info on the prize winnings!).

Take a look at the current logo on the Idahope Collection products (yes, it's just our official Idahope logo)...

The logo you will [hopefully] be replacing...


**Yes, this is our official Idahope logo! We just don't have a separate one that correlates with the Boise Bicycle Project...which is where YOU come in!

What kind of logo are we hoping for?

You're the artist/designer! So our only hope for this new logo is that it incorporates the amazing things Boise Bicycle Project is doing. Does that mean tiny little bicycles in the logo? Maybe! Does that mean words made out of bike tires? Possibly! It's up to you and you're incredible art skills :) Have at it!

How do I enter?

Yay! We're excited you're wanting to enter this contest and we've made it super simple to do so. All you have to do is simply do your magic (AKA design the logo) and send it into with the subject line "New Logo Design Contest" accompanied with a filled out and signed art release consent form (the big green button below). Just click the button, fill it out, save it, and attach it to the same email that you attached your art in ( That's it!

The contest ends on Wednesday, March 16th, 2022 and the winner will be notified/announced shortly after. WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU COME UP WITH!

**Without this release form we canNOT count your entry :( so don't forget!

What does the winner of the contest get? ($$$)

Besides their logo spotted throughout all of Boise?! Well, you will also receive a $100 gift card to the Boise Bicycle Project PLUS another $100 gift card to Quality Art, Inc. School and Fine Art Supplies! In addition, we will also be sending you 2 FREE t-shirts in the Idahope Collection.

Good luck! Remember to send your logo design & filled out release form to as an attachment

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