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10% of proceeds directly support the BBP

The Boise Bicycle Project Collection

The Boise Bicycle Project Collection supports all the AMAZING things that BBP is doing to help support our community.

The BBP Mission: "We are a community-focused nonprofit that promotes the personal, social, and environmental benefits of bicycling. We function as a bicycle recycling center and educational workspace in a diverse and non-threatening atmosphere. Through education, access to refurbished bicycles, and advocacy, we strive to build a stronger bicycling community."

The BBP Vision: We believe that Boise has the potential to be the bicycling capital of America, a place where everyone can experience the freedom and the countless opportunities a bicycle can create.

Proceeds of 10% are contributed to The Boise Bicycle Project Collection go directly to BBP


Last month we held a contest asking local Boise artists to submit their logo designs for our Boise Bicycle Project Collection. We had a LOT of incredible submissions - each unique and wonderful. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this process! After looking at each one of them, there was one that really stood out to our team and the team over at BBP, which is the one you see above!



I'm Evan Senderowicz (he/him)

I'm a multidisciplinary artist from Boise, ID currently studying photography and metalsmithing at BSU. I've been making things, riding bikes, and surrounded by art for as long as I can remember. I especially enjoy tools and functional objects as subject matter and I'm a strong believer in the value of understanding how things work. I entered this logo contest and learned about Idahope after going to Boise Bicycle Project for some bike parts, and I'm definitely glad I did.

Evan Senderowicz
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