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Like so many people in Idaho and around the world, in the early days of these unprecedented times, we watched as so many people were impacted, in so many ways. Health, hunger, housing – these became immediate and very real concerns in our communities. We were worried, and we wanted to help.


For a time, we waited, trying to keep our neighbors safe by staying at home. We wondered what we, as non-essential workers, could do to contribute to the relief efforts. We felt helpless. And sometimes even a little hopeless.


Then we started to see efforts to address Idahoans’ needs emerging all around us. And with each example of assistance we observed, we noticed something else: these acts of kindness, these gifts of aid, gave hope, too. Surely to those who received the assistance, but even to us. There was a little more light shining through the uncertainty. That hope inspired us to do more, and we realized that same hope could do the same for others, as well. We saw that in addition to money, time, or other resources, hope was something we and others like us could give, too. And couldn’t everyone use a little extra hope?


Idahope arose out of a recognition that there are amazing people doing wonderful work to help where help is needed in Idaho. We believe that by working to increase awareness and connecting people who care with communities and causes in need of support, we can also cultivate hope. 


Help us encourage hope to grow by wearing your hope on your sleeve! Your purchase of Idahope products helps support one of several causes providing important services to our community. And seeing it just might make someone else feel a little more hopeful. Be sure to also take some time to learn more about the causes our collections are supporting, and if you’re inspired, please feel free to make additional contributions, 100% of which will go directly to the cause of your choice, by clicking “give a little extra” on any product page and adding to your cart.


Thank you for your support of Idahope, Idaho, and all of our partners-in-hope!

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