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*NEW* Hope Votes Tee

Hello, Hopefuls: Thank you so much for being a part of our growing movement! Your support over our initial summer has been inspiring, and an affirmation that there are many of us looking for opportunities to raise awareness of and support for individuals and organizations doing critical work in Idaho and beyond. Idahope is rooted in compassion and commitment to inspire hope-in-action. We focus on issues and opportunities that need our attention and that of our neighbors – right now, which led us to the creation of our newest collection: HOPE VOTES. There are so many things happening at this moment in history, all of them significant. And all of them are influenced by the outcome of elections across the country. There is much work to be done, but participation in this process is a pivotal first step. We know that political activism can be daunting, carrying with it negativity and even aggression that can be off-putting if not downright intimidating. But we want to remind you all that there is something else inherent in voting: HOPE. Though it can feel like our individual vote may not make a difference, through our votes we can speak with a collective voice, send messages that cannot be ignored, and create change. And regardless of the results, we can see that we are far from alone. In a time where many of us feel helpless in the face of the challenges confronting our cities, states, countries, voting is an action we can take. And our younger activists, who may not yet be of age to vote, can make a difference by working to encourage all those who are able to vote to do so. Our HOPE VOTES collection is a limited run collection that will be retired on November 4. As this is not a typical collection, it will not be linked to a specific Partner-in-Hope – we like to support our Partners-in-Hope for much longer than a couple of months! Instead, the portion of proceeds that would go to a collection Partner-in-Hope will be donated to nationwide voter registration initiatives. If there are causes you care about, support them with your time, your money, your platform – but also support them with your vote. And remind others to do the same by sporting your HOPE VOTES tee! Short sleeve tees and fitted short-sleeved tees are available in both Midnight Navy and Ice Blue, and long sleeve tees are available in Vintage Navy. Stickers are also available now. May we all do our part, hold on to our hope, and show up to vote.

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